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Tech Tip #1 maleware can hide in system files

March 9, 2009

what is a virus, trojan horse, bot, etc.?
simply code written or modified for malicious purposes.

a virus doesn’t have to be an originally written piece of computer code. nor do the other infections that have the potential
to do damage to your computer. simply put, they can be a piece of totally legal code, modified. To every
positive is a negative. even in computer world.

these codes can be modified inside your computer as well. or hide as a file extension. for example, .dll files and .doc files are
notorious for getting hijacked by malicious code.

today’s more popular anti virus and spyware programs are aware of this and do scan these files and other system files for corruption.
in fact it’s the most scanned files on your computer, because they are so popular to hijack and keep low.

so today’s tech tip is this,

code and files in your computer are not always what they appear to be. *.dll files can be safe to download or a trojan horse. just be careful what you download and make sure you have the latest updates for all your protection software.

even the free ones are good at stopping most before they enter your computer.

some free approved anti virus anti spyware programs:

spybot seek & destroy, AVG, Trendmicro.

You can download these for free, without any expirations and they will scan and protect.


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March 9, 2009

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