a RAM issue

Computers are great as long as they boot up and don’t take too long to do updates.

However, when your computer becomes sick and won’t get you into Windows,
or Mac, it becomes frustrating. Especially if you have no idea why it’s down and
you have no choice but to see a tech and pay some ridiculous price and wait in line.


When your computer refuses to boot and there are no error messages and it
goes into a power cycle loop and never boots up, but powers on and shows a screen
and your totally confused as to what’s going on,

here a suggestion,

if nothing else seems to be wrong with the computer, but it powers on fine and even goes through a
POST test but won’t boot into the bootable harddrive

try troubleshooting the RAM.

if you can run a POST test on it and have it manually count the RAM, do it.
It should tell you if any of the RAM modules are broken.

RAM is the easiest thing to fail on a computer or laptop and lock you out of your computer completely. Because the computer needs all of the RAM modules to be functioning correctly or it’s programmed not to proceed, checking the RAM and troubleshooting RAM first is the easiest and most common way to get a computer or laptop back up and running.

I’ve run into many issues with computers lately that have been solved just by taking out a RAM module and trying to boot up again.

Even if the RAM has been in your computer for ages and never been a problem,
it could rock itself loose of it’s socket, or just become old and loose functionality.
It’s possible to have RAM for a long long time and then one day it just goes.

*Note*, if you have only one RAM stick in your computer or laptop, you’ll need to either borrow someone elses (making sure it’s the correct key card type ddr, ddr2, etc) or simply go to your local computer shop and buy another stick. ┬áNothing expensive, just the bare minimum to see that it fixes the problem.

Obviously if you have POST codes or beep codes telling you it’s another issue altogether, that’s another story.

The best thing about replacing RAM is, it’s the easiest thing in a computer or laptop to replace. You may need to push some cables aside in order to access RAM, but it’s easy to release the clips on the side and pull it out of a computer or laptop.

Just be sure your grounded of course, safety first, even if it’s broken.

There are lots of great websites if you just google them that will show you with pictures how to replace the RAM, and also give you information about what type of RAM is in your computer so when you go to the store you won’t sound like a total NOOB!

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