Software that dosen’t clean up after itself

You’ve done it many times before. I have.
Went to the Add/Remove applet in Windows to finally get rid of that software that’s
been on your computer for ages, but you never use anymore. Or maybe to
get rid of old versions of software to make way for the new stuff.

You go into Add/Remove applet and select the desired software by name and choose to uninstall.
It asks you about a million times if you REALLY want to uninstall this software, etc.
You do, it gives you the quick progress bar and tells you it’s hard at work cleaning up.

Then the end comes and it’s complete.

You believe in the end, that’s it’s gotten rid of it. That it’s all gone. Outta here!

But you’d be wrong.

Wouldn’t it make sense to completely uninstall a program through add/remove programs?

You’d think so.

It would be even easier to uninstall these programs through the programs uninstaller that it
came with when it installed on your computer in the first place.

Once again, you’d think so.

However, as reality dictates time and time again
things aren’t always what they appear,
or don’t appear to be.

Some programs do uninstall completely, in fact most programs do, when you use the
Add/Remove applet in windows to get rid of those useless process time taking annoyances.

But sometimes, programs just uninstall the face,
and leave behind a mess to clean up
of hidden little bits and pieces in your computer.

Registry is where everything is listed.
Everything that installed on your computer
will show up registry, even if it dosen’t
show up in the Add/Remove applet.

Here, you can see every program that is
currently installed on your program.
What’s more is, you can see all the
pieces that programs you thought
you uninstalled have left behind because it
was apparently too much work and they couldn’t
be bothered at the time.

But it’s not just in Registry that programs
leave behind pieces of themselves.
They also are scattered in various
System folders, driver folders, etc.

Mining for all the pieces can be not only
time consuming, but…booorrriinnnngg.

I mean, why do you have to do all this extra work when windows or the
uninstaller program should have done it for you.

Because that’s life kiddo!

So, the moral to the story here folks, is this,
when you get rid of some software on your computer and somehow parts of it
keep popping up from time to time,
check further. You’d be surprised that you
really didn’t get rid of anything at all.

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