Magic Jack verification request

I am a proud owner of Magic Jack. It is awesome and wonderful and best of all, it saves
so much money on phone calls, it makes me want to cry or something.

It’s a very simple and easy device to use. Even with sign up for the first time,
it still only took about a minute or two to register an account with them.

Every time I wanted to use it, I simply plug it into a free USB port on any of my
home computers (and I have many) and it automatically recognizes the device and
auto runs the program. In seconds the device is ready
to call any number in the United States.

I have been using Magic Jack since March. Never had a problem with it at all.

Then today for the first time I plugged it in and it gave me an error message (see Windows not detecting DVD device for more details and a fix for that btw).

First it said I didn’t have my USB device plugged in. I assured it I did, by unplugging and replugging the Magic Jack elsewhere in another free USB port on my laptop. The error message came back up.

Well, long story short, I had to use a registry fix for an unrelated problem with
Windows not detecting my DVD device. As I said, read the previous post because
it has a fix.

Moving on, when I did finally fix the devices issue (unrelated windows error), instead of the
regular Magic Jack screen that says Ready To Call, I got, Not Connected. Just then
I got a big pop up window that wanted me to verify my account information.

Well, I’m a paranoid internet user. I don’t just give personal information to any
pop up that comes along, no matter how official it looks.

So I went to the source. The Magic Jack website and got on the Free Tech Support Instant Messaging
service they have there. A technician always available to chat 24/7. As is advertised on
the site.

So I opened a window up and asked the friendly tech what was going on.

She assured me this was very normal. From time to time Magic Jack will ask for
account verification without warning. And if you don’t supply it with such, you can’t
use the device.

I told her that was unusual as I had been using Magic Jack since March 2009, and
never had this pop up before. So I asked if there was a settings option inside Magic Jack
that I could turn this off.

No, was her answer.

She said it was normal and suppose to happen and if you just enter the information
in, you will be good to go.

So, with her on the line, I entered said information in and sure enough
I was able to get past the screen and see my favorite screen

So, this is just a blog reassuring anyone who may be looking it up
on the internet, as I did, that this is normal. Straight from a Magic Jack technicians mouth.

Also, if you don’t have Magic Jack and you use a computer
constantly (as I do), and you make a lot of long distance calls.
This service makes sense. $20 a year for unlimited local and long distance.

I’m very happy with the service as you get free voice mail and
contact list and caller log FREE.

It’s a great service despite what others may complain about. I’ve
had it for many months and I’ve never had a problem with it.

Except this one, but this wasn’t a problem, simply a concern.

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2 Comments on “Magic Jack verification request”

  1. pconthego Says:

    you need to call the 1-800 number listed on magic jacks website. call them and tell them what’s going on. they will fix it.

  2. website Says:

    This website is extremely good! How can I make one like this .

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