Microsoft Security Center annoyances

When Service Pack 2 for Windows XP was released, a lot of things in XP changed. Most for the better, some for the more annoying.

Security Center was a new addition to the Operating System, giving XP a default firewall and security program.

However, some people prefer their own protection software over Microsoft.

Me, for instance.

So I’ve had Norton, McAfee, AVG and the newest one, Zone Alarm installed as my protection software. Installed by myself.

So I installed the regular protection software onto my computer as normal and as I reboot it I got a pop up from Windows XP that my computer may be at risk. It was a pesky red shield with a white X in the middle.

Well, at first I thought something was wrong with Zone Alarm. I thought maybe it installed incorrectly or something. So I checked the installation and even uninstalled it and reinstalled it back on.

But after a couple of reboots and me checking it and everything, it seemed fine. It updated normally, nothing was wrong in task manager and it was running smoothly.

But Windows Security alerts continued to pop up. Every time Windows started up. At first I just ignored it. Right clicking on the shield and choosing to exit. No big deal. But it popped up every single time windows booted up.

So I lazily left it like that for a while.

It wasn’t until I was building a customers computer and ran into it again that I did something about it.

As I said, Zone Alarm had been functioning fine and everything so the software wasn’t corrupted or installed incorrectly. So I had to turn off a setting somewhere in Security Center. A setting that is on by default.

I right clicked on the red shield and choose to go to Windows Security Center. There I went to the left pane where it says Resources and clicked on “Change The Way Security Center Alerts Me”

There are three things Windows XP will alert you about.
a) The firewall
b) Windows Update
c) Anti virus/Anti spyware

So I just turned off the warnings for the firewall and anti virus/anti spyware. It wasn’t bugging me about Windows Update so I left that on.

I rebooted the computer and sure enough I did not get that pop up anymore.

Of course you’re going to want to check that there is nothing wrong with your
protection software first before turning the alerts off. But if there is nothing wrong
with the protection software you are using, then you can turn alerts off.

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