Google Chrome, the faster way to cruise

I’m all about checking out and trying new things. Especially when it comes to computer stuff.

But, I was hesitant on Google’s version of a web browser.Why do I need another browser?I already had Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. Both of which campaigned on faster internet cruising, which were less than in practice.

And really the only reason why I had two at the time was because most web site applications hadn’t yet adopted Firefox compatibility.  So I was stuck with IE for certain things. Like Netflix for example. Their Instant Watch option on their website only used to be compatible with IE But that has thankfully changed since.

But it takes time to migrate things. I understand.

So at this particular point in time, I have two we b browsers. Why do I need a third one for?

Well curiosity killed the cat. And I had some time on my hands so I finally gave in and downloaded Google Chrome to see what all the hype was about. Because at that point it was all hype.

I downloaded and installed it and was getting ready for disappointment. So I fired it up.  It was fast.

I had IE and Firefox on my computer and neither could start like this. I often takes IE a couple of seconds to fully load. Same as Firefox. In web browser world a couple of seconds is noticeable.But not Google Chrome. It was fast. It loaded the web browser almost instantly. A dramatic speed faster than both my current browsers.

So I picked a website and began cruising.

The speed was noticeable. And appreciated.

Simple to use, nothing fancy interface. Appreciated by minimalist like myself. Chrome apparently chose performance over flash. Software companies take NOTICE! Despite what the media or some people tell you, performance is MORE important than a fancy interface….Vista.

It is however not ready for the world yet. Netflix definitely doesn’t recognize it for Instant Watching on their website.

But the performance more than makes up for that. And besides, in time everyone will adjust and it will be compatible just like Firefox. So in conclusion, I would recommend Google Chrome for those of you who are in a hurry. It’s not a purse browser, meaning that, you shouldn’t and can’t load it down with the bookmarks and options that other browsers have. Which is essential for it’s performance and better if you’re asking me. Like I said, it’s not fancy, but I’m sure you can change the skin. I’m sure someone will mod it out to be super groovy given time.

But the point is speed. Consider IE and Firefox like MAC trucks. Google Chrome would be a Miata. If my car analogies are anywhere near accurate, which I’m sure their not. In short, it moves. Quickly. So if you’re in a hurry and don’t need all the baggage of your other browsers, consider installing Google Chrome on your computer. If for nothing else than to simply take it for a test spin and see for yourself how fast the internet can really be.

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