Unable to Record Sound in CamStudio?

Some of my customers do a lot of work with Microsoft PowerPoint.

They do a lot of power point presentations. They don’t always like to bring along their laptops, when a simple stand alone DVD will do just fine.

So I told them about a software program that I ran into a while back called CAMSTUDIO. It’s an open source free to download and use streaming video program. Meaning it can record in real time what is happening on your computer screen. You can either add music later on, or record your voice for instruction on a microphone while demonstrating visually on the screen.It’s a great little program for instructional videos.  A lot of people use it on YouTube for this purpose.

Well, recently I build a brand new computer for a customer of mine. It now has 5.1 HD audio, which their previous computer did not have. Well, it had been quite a while since they used CamStudio to convert their powerpoints into .avi files so they could simply burn them onto a standard DVD and take them anywhere, ready for presentation.

They came to me with a question about the sound. CamStudio was recording the visual just fine. But there was no sound.

Well, I also hadn’t used it in a while either, so I had to get on their computer and see what was going on.

A good starting point to troubleshooting PC questions is to search online support forums. For this problem, I went to the  the CamStudio support forums.Here is where I saw that others were having similar issues, but there was a solution.

On this page, I saw there an option to record audio from speakers, but my customer didn’t have this option on their version of CamStudio Turns out, that there was an option to configure other sound devices through audio options.

My customer only had record from microphone selected. And they wanted the sound from their power point presentation and not the microphone. So I went into audio options underneath record from microphone and selected audio options for microphone. In here, there was an option to select the audio capture device, recording format, volume… you name it.

On my customer’s computer, the default input device was selected as their Audio Capture Device. Instead, I changed this to their sound card device: RealTek HD Digital Input. Then, I recorded the same presentation they were having trouble with to see if this made a difference. It worked.

They got their sound with visual working together, just as before.

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