Noise Cancelling Audio For Cheap!

My big deal headphones headband broke. Both of them. I thought I would have to throw them away and get new headphones. But then I thought about it. I figured in today’s world of DIY videos on the internet, surely there must be a solution.

Then I came across a very nice video explaining that I could fix my headphones and even improve
the sound.

Noise canceling headphones.

This is where I got the idea from:

I went out and bought a pair from Harbor Freights Tools because they were cheaper and because I only needed
the headband. I couldn’t really justify getting the $20 pair off of amazon because I could just go and get
a brand new pair of headphones for $20.

This video shows more how I did it.

So I bought a much cheaper pair and disassembled my old headphones. I found that the plastic grill was too big for my new headphones ear holes and so I pulled the speaker off and just inserted it inside. It fit perfectly with the abundance of
foam inside my new headphones.

My new headphones work great! They do reduce noise and are a great bit. The repair only cost $3.00.

I can live with that.

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