The YouTube DJ

So with the invention of the multiple tabs options in browsers now, I found that I can play two songs at once.

Just like a turntable. Two records at once.

So I started playing around with it and started integrating tracks. I haven’t scratched on it, because it doesn’t make the sound because it’s not playing it from a needle.

But I can integrate two or more songs into one.

Take samples and stuff just like on a turntable and put different elements into it from different videos.

But it was fun to do.

If you can do it, you can do mash-ups of songs

It’s just fun to do really.

similar to this,

If you have skills, it’s fun to try to integrate the songs like a DJ at a party.  Maybe you could bring it to a party and start YouTube DJing.

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2 Comments on “The YouTube DJ”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    are these original tracks?

    • pconthego Says:

      i assume your kidding.
      but no, i just embedded some examples
      from youtube.

      also, i;m glad you enjoy my blog.


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