How To : Get car audio to work in your house.

I used to be big into car audio. I bought a lot of equipment for my car that sounded really good.

Then time passed and I got cheap and then I got another car. I didn’t feel like ripping the car apart anymore for sounds so I took all my equipment and put it in my room.

I recently came across it again and decided to hook it back up since my old boom box passed away this year.

I had a car amplifier of 40watts a channel. It’s a 4 channel full range amplifier that I thought I’d never use again.

I also had a pair of 6.5″ tri axle speakers and a nice 2 channel electronic crossover.

Connect that to a 6.5″ house sub and I’m in business.

I didn’t connect these things up to a battery as some people would have you believe. I don’t have car batteries wired in my room, I figure that to be dangerous.

Instead I modded out an old PC power supply that I had just lying around and hooked everything up.

I now have great 2.1 sound for about $5. Mainly because I had everything except for the two RCA cables I needed
to split the signal to the amp for the sub woofer.

you could also use a battery charger for the power, but PSUs (PC power supplies) are cheaper and have many cable with which you can connect many devices for a single power supply device.

The following video will show you how I did it

You could also connect the 24 pin harness connector on the power supply to a manual switch if you’d like to make one for more options. There are tutorials on how to do that. It just makes another power switch option, that’s all.

Remember to connect Pin 14 and Pin 15 on the 24 pin harness connector or the PSU won’t turn on. This is the remote connection, the turn on connection for the PSU. Similiar to the red +5v wire for the remote on the amplifier. It is the signal for the amp to turn on after it’s been supplied with power. The yellow wire is the +12v lead that gives the
amplifier or device it’s positive power. Obviously the black is ground.

Remember to test the grounds beforehand, to make sure which ground is active. Good grounding is very important when dealing with electronics. Distortion and electric fields are produced when using failed or poor ground leads.

Also, as I have mentioned before, with a standard PSU that you can purchase at any electronic or computer store, they have multiple power lines, so you can connect more than one device to a cheap PSU. I have two devices on mine.

Note also, when you work with high powered electronics amperes matter. If you need the power to run these high powered devices, I suggest purchasing a power supply that will supply high currents of power, such as more expensive
PSUs or battery backups or professional power supplies. The only reason I mentioned the cheap way here was for people like me who don’t need to blow the roof off this mother! Ya hear!

Of course it’s up to you to figure out how to house this stuff. It’s all components and not in a nice box. So, you’ll have to
build your own speaker enclosures and something to house your amps and CD players or whatever your configuration is.

If you are going to use speakers around computers, please remember to get some kind of magnetic shielding for them.
Magnets and computer hardware are a dangerous mix!

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