How To : Get those tunes from cassette to PC, DIY style.

Got an old cassette player? Maybe an old boom box or rack mount tape deck? You can even do this with an old car stereo cassette player, if you can wire it for power and convert the speaker levels to mini jack physical format.

Which you can purchase for cheap at your local Target or hardware stores. If so, you can get convert those old mini reel to reels to mp3s for cheap or free, with the right tools.

What you need:

1. a 3.5″ stereo male to male mini jack plug.
2. cassette player of some kind.
3. computer with a mic in or line in port for audio
4. Windows XP or 2000.
5. Cool Edit Pro software or Windows sound recorder

Connect the 3.5″ male to male plug into the headphones or line out of the cassette player and into the line in or mic in on your computer.

Launch Cool Edit and set it to record incoming audio from your line in or mic in port on your computer.

Launch Microsoft’s sound recorder program and adjust the sound levels through your soundcard options in control panel for incoming audio. Do a few tests first, as the sound will most likely need some adjustment before you get it right.

Connect a pair of headphones to the headphones port on your computer so you can hear the audio as the computer captures it.

Play the cassette and raise the volume on the cassette player to maximum volume in order to get the full sound.
Of course adjustments will have to be made here as well.

Hit record on your computer and you should see the graphical representation of the incoming sound as the
computer captures it.

When you have recorded the audio, obviously you are going to want to check the final cuts and make some adjustments. Sound recorder allows you to cut and mix audio tracks within the software.

When you are finished with the .wav files convert them over to mp3 with a free software tool called Razor Lame. It’s an open source mp3 encoder with a great batch system for encoding more than one file at a time.

Then of course, check the final product and maybe back up the originals on a CD or DVD or something and you’re
good to go.

The sound will be as good as the audio cables and computer you record it on are. But it is a cheap and easy solution
to getting those cassette tunes to mp3s without some big expensive equipment and lots of money.

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