Music software for those stuck on Windows

Long has it been my dream to own Garage Band. Mac users know what I’m talking about.

Garage Band is the easiest to use, most flexible and dynamic digital music software available today. There is a catch though. It’s only available for the MAC operating system.

Windows doesn’t really have anything that compares to the ease of use of Garage Band and the vast libraries of instrument samples.

There are programs for Windows out there that are for making music or simply sequences different sounds.

Reason, Frooty Loops Studio, Cake Walk, Hammer Head software. Just to name a few.

But these software programs, save Hammer Head, are not very user friendly. And they can take a while to get used to their interface and operation.

Definitely not for beginners.

But Garage Band was different. It was the first music maker software that really had normal people in mind. The interface was very easy to see and read, the controls were left simplified, the feel of it was way more user friendly. I mean in that
anyone could use this software right out of the package, it didn’t require any training or sitting in front of it for six months before you got it type of thing that the windows programs are kind of notorious for.

Also, these other programs had a lot of restrictions and what not.

I remember using Fruity Loops for about a day. Having never used Fruity Loops or many other music makers before, I was kind of new to it. The interface and complexity of the program did not make things any easier. I got overwhelmed
and uninstalled it and decided to hold out for Garage Band (which I will be obtaining soon, btw.)

I tried Garage Band a long time ago. Probably when it first came out. I think at school. It was easy to use, accepted samples that I had, and saved easily enough as well. Although you had to have iTunes to convert it.

But since then, I figured software programmers would have come up with an equivalent for Windows by now. Surely some type of generic music making program, probably similar to Garage Band for those of you stuck on Windows.

Apparently no one in Windows world is concerned about this.

Because it hasn’t happened yet.


My sister in her ongoing pursuit to find some type of music maker for Windows has come across what she hails as a decent enough music maker for Windows.

Behold, I give you MIXCRAFT 4!

MixCraft is a music program like any sequencer program I’ve ever seen. Except for the fact that it’s designed for the rest of us. Us simpletons who don’t want to earn a degree to use this crap, just want to use this crap.

I was shown a tour of this program, briefly, but nonetheless, and it is easy to use.

She uses it more than I do, presently, so she wrote a review on her blog.

I recommend checking it out, and even trying the program out It’s a 14 day free trial and I believe it’s $75 for a year long license.

No, I’m not trying to push anything on here, but I was looking for some alternative for Windows users that wasn’t total rocket science.

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