How To : Running two videos as one in Activinspire

I have customers that use many video production and editing programs. Camstudio, Photostory, PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, etc.

One of my customers uses Promethean’s Activinspire software for most of their presentations these days. That and powerpoint make up their toolbox of multimedia presentation software.

One of my customers has been having a difficult time trying something new with this new software. Trying to run two separate videos with separate audio together on one screen simultaneously.

They came up with the solution recently and I noted it for this blog.

Basically the idea is similar to computer graphical software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and the like.

What they did was, they grouped together two different objects or layers. Once you group these together they act
as one in the final product. Just like in Photoshop and Illustrator when you group two different layers together and then ‘paste’ them together or group them as one layer.

Here’s the step by step of how they did it:

Insert two separate videos into the project. For this example they inserted two .avi formatted videos in the Activinspire’s project area to play simultaneously.

When you have the video clips you want, next thing to do is to select all video clips and group them all together.

Click Edit
Select All

Then a string of options will appear on top of the two videos inside of the project.

Choose Group from the center top options

Now attempt to play the project. When you run the video now, This will put both videos as one running in sync video
Then when you record it with Camstudio, it will appear as both videos running simultaneously.

This can be done for more than two videos, and more than just videos, it can be done with videos and separate audio for dub over tracks of vocals or alternative audio.

Below is an example of the video:

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