How to stop the Disk Checking utility from initiating on every boot up.

I had a customer recently bring their laptop to me and complain about a disk checking utility that continually scans their hard drive before the computer boots up.

I asked the obvious questions first before running my own disk check on their hard drive to confirm or deny and false alarms their utility may be giving them.

I thought at first, they downloaded something and it corrupted some part of the hard drive and so the disk checker would be checking it every time it loaded up.

That is it’s job.

Well, upon further investigation and process of elimination, i found their hard drive to be fully functional and working properly.

So I suspected maybe the utility was corrupted or something was just giving off false alarms.

It happens, data gets corrupted all the time, you have to reload operating systems, reload software programs, reinstall drivers. It’s quite common. No big deal.

The big deal comes when the hard drive is physically corrupted, or damaged. Then that’s another story.

Typically BIOS disk checkers use small simple utilities like FDisk or the linux alternatives to quickly scan important sectors of the hard drive when it detected a problem on last shutdown.

An easy way to get this to stop uselessly scanning the hard drive is to stop a scheduled disk check.

Note: You must be the administrator of the computer you wish to perform this task on.

When you attempt to scan your hard drive for errors using Check Disk it might schedule a disk check during the next boot because of open files on the drive you want to check.

If you later decide you don’t want Check Disk to scan your hard drive during the next boot you can run a command to cancel the scheduled disk check if you’re not going to be around to press any key right before it starts scanning to abort the scan.

Stop a Scheduled Disk Check

1. Boot the computer up, bypassing the Disk Checking scan by pressing the any key.

2. Once inside Windows, open the command prompt with administrative privileges by typing cmd in the search box in the Start Menu, right-click cmd.exe in the search results, and then select Run as Administrator.

2. Type chkntfs /x d: (where d: is replaced by the drive letter of the hard drive you want to cancel the disk clean on)

So what’s going on here?

Basically the command your giving is saying that you want the check NTFS utility to exclude a particular drive (d:) from the default boot time check.

NTFS is the file system on the hard drive if you have an operating system more recent than Windows 2000 and a hard drive bigger than 30 G. Since that’s most of world today, NTFS (New Technologies File System) is the format your hard drive is in.

The /x is saying to exclude drive: d:. Or whatever drive letter you have issued it to exclude.

Another command prompt screen will appear and disappear.

And it’s done.

To check the results, simple restart the computer. If done correctly, or if that was the only problem, you shouldn’t see the utility display before the login screen.

I performed it on my customers machine, and it did just that.

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2 Comments on “How to stop the Disk Checking utility from initiating on every boot up.”

  1. pconthego Says:

    What version of Windows are you using? You could also go to Start – Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt.

  2. David Says:

    Very simple fix, I love command prompt utilized fixes.

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