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How To : Erase BIOS passwords if you forgot them.

February 27, 2010

Ever installed a supervisor password in BIOS and then worked on a lot of machines after that and then came back and forgot what it was?

I’m not talking about the Windows Logon password, that’s different.

The password to log into the BIOS and change important configuration on a computer.

It’s actually quite simple to erase those passwords and redo them because they are all stored in CMOS. CMOS needs a battery and correct jumper setting to store information. The CMOS battery is pretty simple to identify, because it’s a round silver coin looking object on the motherboard. It will be the only one. Usually with some kind of lever ejector or squeeze sides or something for ejecting it, and installing another one.

So if you do goof on those BIOS passwords, simply open up the computer, remove the CMOS battery and configure the jumper setting, which will be listed on your motherboard manual, and you can erase those BIOS passwords.

NOTE: you also erase other configuration that you may have set in BIOS as well, since it sets it back to factory settings.