How To : Clean LCD screens

LCD screens are pretty much standard today. CRT is out.

Yet many people don’t realize that the cleaning technique has also changed.

Used to be, you could take simple window cleaner and a wash cloth or alternative fabric and clean the screen as if it were a window. No problem.

Times have changed my friends. Now LCD screens are the norm and they are not like CRT screens. They don’t have glass screens anymore.

What you clean them with could harm them instead of care for them.

So, I’ve gotten some questions from people on what to use and how to properly care for your LCD screens.

First off, before cleaning your LCD monitor (laptop monitor, desktop monitor, etc) a good thing to do would be to get an electronic duster canister from any electronic store and just spray off any grit or dust that may be on the screen first. If you begin to wash it before you do this, you may get the grit in the cloth and it may scratch the screen instead of clean it.

I’d recommend a microfiber fabric. A lint free one microfiber fabric for the cloth. They are very soft and will not damage or scratch the screen. You should be able to pick these up in fabric stores or in stores that sell electronics. Microfiber clothes will be different from the wipes and you can reuse them, therefore saving you money.

You can also get wipes called Electronic Wipes, they are usually disposable. Some come pre-soaked in the correct solution to clean the monitor and all.

If not, if you are going to have to make a kit for yourself, then a microfiber lint free cloth.

You’re definitely going to want to stay away from products that contain ammonia or ethanol. It could possibly damage the screen in the long run, causing discoloration and things like that.

Make sure that the commercial cleaner that you buy specifically states that it’s used as a screen cleaner.

Or if you’re like me, you’ll just do the DIY thing and make some yourself.

Here’s how:
Use 50% Isopropyl Alcohol and 50% Distilled Water. Tap water could leave mineral spots.

Spray the cloth, not the monitor. When cleaning LCDs, laptops, computers or televisions, make sure they are unplugged. Do not place or spray the liquid directly onto your notebook or TV. Instead, dampen the special cloth slightly with the cleanser and then gently wipe your screen in a consistent motion, such as counter clockwise, rather than haphazard motions. Use the cleaner sparingly to avoid the leakage of excess fluid into the keypad.

All these suggestions apply equally to laptop displays as well as your other LCD monitors.

Don’t poke or press or be violent with the screen. It’s fragile and will break without extreme care. They’re not CRTs.

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