How To : Find a wireless network when it won’t show up automatically in Windows

Today’s computers are built for easy access. Everything out of the box should work without being setup or configured or anything.

Shouldn’t be a problem. That’s just to make sure things work of course. You’re going to want to setup and configure security and protocols and things for your network, whether it’s wireless or wired.

But since today’s society is used to plug it and use it ease, some routers and access points may be difficult to configure
because they’ve been setup differently. For security.

How do i go about finding networks that the SSID doesn’t get broadcasted? How do i manually input security keys into
my wireless properties for my laptop so I can authenticate with my other equipment?

If you have wireless routers, wireless access points, and other wireless intersections of virtual traffic in your home
that allows you to connect with everything, here’s some steps to follow to manually configure your wireless
devices out of the package pretty quickly.

Windows Vista:

1. right click on network icon on your desktop. if it’s not on your desktop, click on the start menu. choose properties.

2. when the box pops up, on the top left pane will be options for network configuration. to manually set yourself up, choose Manage Network Connections.

3. choose the first option of the three that will show up.

You must know your SSID, keyphrase and type of authentication that your equipment is assigned to use. if you don’t have this information, i suggest contacting your network administrator, the person who configured your equipment and have them walk you through this.

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