How To : kill processes in Windows Task Manager

For all those Windows users out there that use Task Manager to kill processes and applications that refuse to close down themselves.

When you go into Task Manager, whether it’s XP or Vista, there’s a lot of options. But basically I’m assuming most people are using it to kill applications and processes that refuse to close down themselves.

So, if you must kill a process or close an application down, go into Task Manager and find the process that is associated with the applications. It will be under the PROCESSES tab.

If you can remember the name of the process you can call the process back up right after you kill it. This is when applications bottleneck in the system or for some reason the application ran into memory error faults or something.

For example, on my computer I have a process called photosle.exe. It’s the process that runs Photoshop Limited Edition on my computer. If I right click on the process in the PROCESSES tab and kill the process, I will kill or terminate the active running process, thereby ending or closing the application.

Now, if you go to File and Choose New Task and type in the box: photosle.exe, it will relaunch the application.

You can also relaunch applications from the desktop or their shortcuts, wherever they may be.

But if it’s a driver or specific process, then you can’t just launch an application and it re appears.

For example:
On my computer, I have PDVDserv.exe. This is my DVD decoding drivers. It’s Power DVD software.
It’s always running as soon as I start up windows because it’s a driver. So if I were to kill the process, I couldn’t watch DVDs on my computer, because the driver would not be loaded.

That’s where manually running the driver again comes in.

Go to File, New Task. Type in PDVDserv.exe. If it was just a minor fault, the driver will be run again. Therefore you can use the drivers abilities (DVD watching). However, if the driver fails to re run through task manager, try rebooting or restarting the computer. This knocks out half of the easy problems associated with computers today.

Failing a re run through task manager, and a restart, you may have to uninstall the application or driver and reinstall them onto computer again. Things get corrupted sometimes. It happens.

Failing even that, I would have a check at the drive that software is sitting on. It may have a bad sector or something. A bad sector is physical. It’s the physical condition of the media itself. Whether solid state (flash drives) or platter based (spin hard drives), the parts inside could become damaged or compromised.

So that’s how to kill processes if they begin to bottleneck or become a problem somehow.

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