How To : install new fonts so that Microsoft applications can use them.

Installing fonts onto your Windows computer so that Microsoft applications such as the Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, etc.) can use them is actually very easy.

You can get virus and cost free fonts from

Other websites that I’ve run into all have fonts for cost. This was a website that has many different fonts for free.

So download the font of your choice onto your computer. It will be zipped so you need to either have a zip utility installed on your computer or use Windows zip program, which comes as default anyways. They all pretty much work the same if you’re just using them to unzip.

Once you’ve unzipped the font, it should be a paper size icon with two T’s. One light and one dark. The T’s represent TEXT. Because it’s text that you just downloaded.

Alright, let’s put that font in the appropriate folder so we can use it on our programs.

1. Close any open Windows applications, such as Word or Outlook.
2. In Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes.

Note:  If you are using Control Panel Classic view or Microsoft Windows 2000, double-click Fonts, and then go to step 4.

3. In the task pane, under See Also, click Fonts.

Note  If a folder tree appears instead of the task pane, click Folders on the toolbar, and then under See Also, click Fonts.

4. On the File menu, click Install New Font.
5. In the Drives list, click the drive you want.
6. In the Folders list, double-click the folder that contains the fonts you want to add.
7. Under List of fonts, click the font you want to add, and then click OK.


* To select more than one font to add, in step 6, hold down the CTRL key, and then click each of the fonts you want to add.
* You can also drag OpenType, TrueType, Type 1, and raster fonts from another location to add them to the Fonts folder. This works only if the font is not already in the Fonts folder.
* To add fonts from a network drive without using disk space on your computer, clear the Copy fonts to Fonts folder check box in the Add Fonts dialog box. This is available only when you install OpenType, TrueType, or raster fonts using the Install New Font option on the File menu.

When you install new fonts, remember that each font will only work with the computer you’ve installed it on. If you share Office documents with other people or plan to use or view your document on a different computer, the new fonts you’ve installed on your computer might not be displayed the same way on the other computer. Text that is formatted in a font that is not installed on a computer will be displayed in Times New Roman or the default font.

To make sure that you can see the fonts on different computers, you can either install the new font on the other computers you plan to use, or, if you are using a TrueType font in Word or Microsoft PowerPoint®, you can embed the font to save the characters with your document. Embedding fonts can increase your document’s file size and may not work for some commercially restricted fonts, but it is a good way to make sure that your document with new fonts will look the same on other computers.

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One Comment on “How To : install new fonts so that Microsoft applications can use them.”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    actually it’s a pretty simple drag and drop process. after you download the fonts you want, unzip the files and drag the true type files over to your fonts folder.

    i’ll add the note that also has some fonts that can be installed on a mac.

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