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How To : Find your Temporary Internet Files in Windows

April 18, 2010

I haven’t been surfing around in Temporary Internet Files folder for ages. Ever since IE and Firefox had the option to automatically clean them out when I closed down my browser.

However, these days, it seems that IE and Chrome are neglecting their duty with my Temporary Internet Files.

So, I went searching for them. I had to recall how to get to them. I remember something about Local Settings in the user profile.

So I set my folder options to show everything and went looking for them. Then I found out there were only two folders in my local settings. Application Data and Temp.

Where was the old Temporary Internet Files folder?

So I entered the path that would normally have my Temporary Internet Files in Run and a window popped up with all my Temporary Internet Files.

Where did that come from?

Strange? Yes I noticed.

So in order to get to the Temporary Internet Files in Windows XP, now you have to know the new process.

Click Start, RUN

C:\Documents and Settings\XUSER\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

replace XUSER with your profile name. if you don’t know your profile name, click START and hover over Log Off above Shutdown. The name it says to log off of, will be the profile name.