How to add more rows to your bookmark menu bar in FireFox.

A customer recently asked me a question about Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. They wanted to know if you could have multiple bookmark menu bars on Firefox.

At the time I had only ever thought about doing this once or twice before. Certainly not recently. So I spent some time, quickly as I was in the middle of something else, attempting to research more about this so that maybe I could give them an answer.

They actually came up with solution.

if you have a lot of bookmarks for pages you visit, you might notice that you fill up one line on the toolbar (bookmark menu bar), and then have to select the rest from a drop down menu.

If you go to the Firefox website. It will have a blue banner menu at the top of the page. It will say mozilla to the left. In the menu,  click on “ADD ONS“.

Search for Multirow in the search box to the left.

It will be called Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar. In order to install it you will need to verify it by clicking okay and it will automatically install it onto the Firefox web browser.


So if you have a lot of bookmarks and don’t want to click on the bookmark button in order to start scrolling, this is a great option!

Credit goes to Dweebcentric! Good job!

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