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Change the settings when switching devices on your computer.

December 7, 2010

I use a paid software program on my computer called Total Recorder. Mind you, it’s an old version of it, but I simply love it.

It’s kind of like audacity, but for a fee. I purchased it a couple of years back and use it to record with my computer microphone. Then I take these sound and inject them into song that I make up in Mixcraft and GarageBand to make my own music.

So anyways.

On Total Recorder, in order to record, I have to set my sound card up to record through the Total Recorder mixer. Which is fine. I do that to record through Total Recorder and it works fine.

What happens is that, afterwards I forget to switch it back. Then I go to youtube and play videos and listen to audio at the same time through Winodws Media Player or RealPlayer and I can only play one audio channel at a time.

So if youtube is up, I can’t listen to Windows Media Player, and if Windows Media Player is up, I can’t hear youtube.

Why would you want to hear two different audio sources at the same time…you may ask?

Because I often switch between audio interfaces quite frequently. And I have to stop one source and let the other source play for a minute. For example, if I was listening to a playlist on Windows Media Player and my friend sent me a link for a youtube video, I’d pause Windows Media Player and check out the clip momentarily.

This was impossible before. Because I had my soundcard settings on Total Recorder.

I fixed this by simply changing the sound card settings back to the sound card drivers on my sound card and was able to listen to multiple audio channels at once again.

Seems like a simple thing, but for some reason I never picked up on it before.

So now I switch the settings on my sound card back to the sound drivers and my audio works again!

The lesson here? Remember to change the settings in control panel when you switch devices!