Question : Would it be best to turn off the SSID when configuring a wireless router?

It doesn’t do anything in reality for those who are looking for networks. You can easily spot wifi networks and IDs with any radar program available today. Turning off the SSID isn’t really going to matter. Mac Filtering isn’t really going to matter, because you can spoof Mac address’s today very easily.

What you should try to do, is create layers and make things more complex and therefor more time consuming. That sounds like a joke, but it’s seriously the only thing you can do. For example, turn off the SSID, turn mac filtering on, create a VPN with secure handshaking and limit the range of the router itself.

These things by themselves are basically pointless. But if you have layers, it’s more time consuming to those who want to break into your system. Think aboiut it like this, a car alarm is probably pointless on it’s own. It’s just annoying and most people ignore it anyways. However, a car alarm with a low jack and a steering wheel lock and an engine disabler. Now it’s gonna be real tricky and time consuming to get into that car. Now you step back and wonder if it’s worth the effort. That’s all.

Or if you like, another example would be the movie Entrapment. Having all those layers is like having those invisible laser beams of security. It’s very complex and time consuming to get to the jewel. So it has to be worth getting the jewel to go through all that madness.

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