Getting instant internet access from your iPhone with Linux!

Some people are aware that Apple’s “i” products are made from the same source code that it’s desktop and portable products are made from. A version of the Unix operating system. iOS is a branch of MAC OS X. It’s just a smaller version is all.

Linux is also a version of the Unix operating system as well.

Why is this important?

Well, I happen to get an iPhone 4 GS recently. I do not have a broadband internet connection. I happen to have the capabilities on my phone to get access via a HotSpot, which almost never works on windows. Not even Windows XP.

Well, this weekend, I formatted my laptop and installed Linux Mint 13 (Mate desktop) on the whole drive. I wanted to see if Linux would see my iPhone any different than Windows. When you plug the iPhone into a Windows XP not a lot comes up. When I plugged my Android phone into Windows XP, I saw the whole folder structure. The DCIM folder and many other folders related to it.

So when I plugged my iPhone into Linux Mint, not only did it show me the folder structure similar to Android, but since my HotSpot was turned on on the iPhone, Linux Mint instantly gained the connection and I was on a very decent speed access line!

It was instantaneous and I didn’t have to configure anything at all. I simply plugged the iPhone in via a usb cable and BAM! the connection was granted!

This didn’t even work with the Android with Windows XP. I tried, thinking the connection would be direct via the USB. It was not. It didn’t make a difference.

So I began thinking. If people who have iPhones and the HotSpot option available on their iPhones, Linux is a wonderful, free, and backwards hardware compatible operating system that works perfectly with your phone.

I also tried this in Ubuntu. Same results.

So Linux works with “i” products. Interesting. And it works flawlessly. In fact, it’s working right now as I’m writing this blog. I’m using Linux Mint, Firefox, WordPress and a HotSpot connection from my iPhone.

So I thought I’d share my experience with Linux newbies and maybe even people who do in fact have “i” products who are finding that it’s difficult to use with Windows operating systems. The alternative? Linux. And because if your a minimal PC user, you can grab an old machine or an old laptop and install Ubuntu or Mint and be able to use your “i” products just as easy

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