Netflix on Linux? Is this true?

Yes, linux fans, this is actually the truth.

There is now an application that you can download and configure to watch Netflix on your favorite linux distro.

I’m working with Linux Mint at the moment and installed it and tried it this weekend. Needless to say I was super excited as a fan of linux and a Netflix subscriber.

The installer was a bit drawn out for me, because I hadn’t previously installed Wine on my linux laptop before. Also, I was a bit confused at first on how to accept the EULA from Microsoft for their silverlight, but after these hiccups, I rebooted my machine and the application showed up in my Menu under ALL and I was able to log into my Netflix account and watch my favorite programs!


I have included the youtube video from NixiePixel on the commands to use to begin the downloading process. Also I have included the website where it explains how to accept the EULA from microsoft.

These are all the things I did as a first time user of Wine, using Linux Mint to download, install, configure and launch the Netflix app this weekend!


NixiePixel’s youtube video on how to download the Netflix App:

The Ubuntu article on how to accept the Microsoft EULA for Linux:

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