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My MTP device isn’t recognized in Windows all of a sudden

May 27, 2013

I’ve had a Sony mp3 player that I’ve connected to the USB ports on many computers to move music over to for many years. Never had a problem before with this. Plug it in and Windows would recognize and install the drivers automatically without a problem, having you ready to go in seconds.

You didn’t need any special software like iTunes or anything. It was an MTP device. Media Transfer Protocol device. Meaning it was a simple structure device that used the generic Mass Storage drivers that most digital cameras and things use. So it’s very flexible and universal.

I’ve used it on many systems. Macs, Windows and various flavors of Linux.

Never had a problem with it.

Then one day all of a sudden I plug my mp3 player into my Windows laptop and there is an error message on the screen that says “device cannot be installed because the INF driver cannot be found”

I was surprised. What had I done wrong? I tried another cable, another port. But got the same error message. Surely this was some misunderstanding. I plugged my GoFlex Agent external hard drive via USB to the same port and it worked flawlessly, as usual.

So that’s when I decided, something is askew here. I must investigate!

That’s when I did some research on the internet. There is in fact a solution! Hence this post. The solution was found on a forum on Cnet.

Installing this framework worked for me. My 2GB Sansa Express worked fine out of the box, but randomly started giving me the same error. After installing this, not only did it work again, but it now shows up as a portable device instead of just a removable disk. Bonus!

I installed this
and then re-installed my Zen cd and it picked it up just like a charm
thank you so much I was about at my wits end trying to figure out what the problem was.

So I clicked on the link and downloaded the program and installed it.These guys were right! I didn’t have to do anything else, it all of a sudden completely
 recognized the device and I was back in business like nothing ever happened.

Strange things are always happening with computers.

So if you are all of a sudden having trouble with your MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) device when it has always worked no matter what, this is the solution.

As a note, I would download and backup this program and save it somewhere safe in case you need it again and are stuck internet-less! It’s a habit I formed a while ago.